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Briony is such a relatable voice for millennials who really need the support and empathy that our generation is desperately seeking
— Rebekah

LIFE is a gift. It is about discovering and UNLEASHING the best version of ourselves, about creating ourselves and growing into the person we want to be. Then really showing up to PLAY a big game, getting out in the world to create IMPACT and contribution with your unique gifts and innate talents (some call this your "Zone of Genius").

We all have a really limited idea of our TRUE potential and this means we sell out on the goals and ambitions that matter most to us and instead just settle for something that is no where near what we can achieve. But the truth is there is SO much more in you. 




About Briony

Oh hey there, I'm Briony. Just three years I was working as lawyer, living that big city life with my partner and doing my part in the community. I appeared to ‘have it all’ but inside it didn’t feel that way. I just knew there was something else out there for me. What that was? No clue! And to make matters worse, I felt so ungrateful because by societies standards I ‘should’ be happy. Perhaps you can relate? Don't get me wrong I was happy in an everyday kind of way but I had this niggle that I was destined for more!

So, I went on a MISSION to find “it" and what I discovered was unbelievable. I have spent the last few years of my life fully immersing myself in the world of personal development, self-discovery and coaching. I have had the opportunity to work in person with some incredible transformational leaders in the industry and I am a certified Master NLP (fancy acronym for Neurolinguistic-Programming) Coach and Time Line Therapy Practitioner.

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The answers are within you but I'm here to help you navigate this journey. I'm a passionate soul and I promise you that I am 100% committed to empowering you to step into your greatness and achieve your unique aspirations in life! 

So, what are your unique aspirations? What life are you committed to? And what are you waiting for?

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I have not come across anyone who can awaken millennials to themselves the way Briony does. The challenges she has faced and her commitment to working on herself have led to her being the incredible coach that she is. She coaches from a place of experience and deep work which gives her an incredible capacity for empathy and compassion. I haven’t seen anyone shift a room the way Briony does. She is a true blessing in this world and is going to be at the forefront of transformation change through Aoeteroa.
— Tui Williams
Briony blows me away. Her coaching style is unapologetically honest, straight to the point and puts a fire in my belly. Her coaching resonates with me on a daily basis and has made me completely adjust how I communicate with others and operate more effectively in my daily life. THANK YOU!
— Sophie Oliff