untapped series

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Next Intake Starting Wednesday 17th April

untapped series is the crème de la crème. It is an immersive transformational 8-week coaching experience with a bunch of amazing game-changers (yes you are a game-changer).

Feel like you are going through the motions? Get a little overwhelmed by what you "should" do and what you "could" do? Seeking a fuller, richer life and work experience? Want to know what drives (like really drives) you? Wishing you had the confidence to own who you really are and your place in the world? Sick of lingering self doubt and fears? Over selling out on your big dreams and aspirations? Lacking clarity and unsure about your next steps?

If you have said YES to any of these things then you are in the right place my friend because this programme is specifically designed for you. Join our next intake of epic humans to expand your horizons, step into your power and unlock your true potential!



what will I get?


    • freedom from limiting beliefs and self doubt

    • new techniques and tools for overcoming fear and playing outside your comfort zone

    • ability to create boundaries and create space for the things you love


    • discover your unique strengths and what makes you tick

    • redefine what "success" means to you

    • reignite a greater sense of passion and purpose

    • develop your decision making ability


    • discover your core values values and design your life around them

    • curate and create your ultimate vision

    • conduct energy audits to eliminate ineffective life habits/patterns and integrate new ones to serve you


    • create solid road map to get to where you want to go

    • take big action even in the face of resistance and fear

    • play outside your comfort zone with accountability and support


    • reach new levels of confidence and deepen your ability to connect with others

    • wake up and feel energised and empowered on a whole new level

    • experience more joy and gratitude on daily basis

    • start leading an extraordinary life - on your terms

  • Have heaps of fresh fun experiences and join a community of like-minded individuals doing epic things in the world

  • and SO much more....

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what it is? 

  • 8x weekly (60 minute) group coaching sessions with Briony

  • 8x modules of transformational content that will expand your awareness, encourage growth (because if we aren't growing we're dying), unleash your potential and provide you with clarity and direction

  • topics include mindset, unconscious limiting beliefs, strengths finder, value discovery, happiness hacks, visioning and action plans....and so on....

  • thorough action focused worksheets each week

  • additional resources to enhance training topics

  • powerful tools that you can use every day and forever

  • accountability check ins and a power partner

  • access to Briony between sessions

  • private members only group

  • a community of inspirational ambitious humans

  • oh did I mention heaps of fun?

why should i do this? 

  • when you're in the bottle, you can't read the label - a coach and community can help you see what is holding you back so you can achieve unstoppable success

  • you probably already know that you have massive potential that, without the right tools and strategies, will be left untapped. Lucky for you, this programme has been designed to help you unlock this potential at an accelerated rate

  • accountability is keeeey - we will make sure you get the momentum towards what you most want in life

  • your time here is precious, invest in yourself and make it a good one

  • because together is better - it may not feel like it sometimes, but we are all going through the same stuff so let's just work it out together

  • if you give me 8 weeks of your time and commitment I can offer you a whole new way of living - how's that for a deal?

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HOW does it work?

  • Decide, Commit, Show Up (fully)

  • Apply for next intake below, quick though there are limited spaces avaliable.


Next Intake

Applications for the Untapped Series are now open and we would love you to be part of it! 

You can think of it like a gym membership for your mind, body and soul. If you're interested, book a call below and let's connect to discuss the finer details.