untapped X change makers


untapped presents: Change makers

GridAKL, Thursday 7th February 2019

Have you ever had that deep desire to create an impact? To live your life fullyplay on the edges and make sure when your time is up you can say "I went all IN!" I feel you. Which is why I am SO excited to announce Untapped Presents: ChangeMakers, an epic evening with an incredible bunch of ChangeMakers:

  • Jayden Kilnac, Founder of For the Better Good, an inspiring values-led company creating a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bottles and packaging - you'll get your own take home goodie at the event!

  • Jessica Quinn, an advocate who's been showing cancer who's boss since 2001. Currently on a mission to bring awareness to image retouching in the advertising industry and speaking up on why we are chasing an unachievable and unrealistic idea of 'perfection'.

  • Nick Loosely, Founder of Everybody Eats, an innovative pay-as-you-feel dining initiative established in response to New Zealand’s issues with food poverty and food waste.

Get all the golden insights, inspiration and meet an incredible community of game changers over some Good Buzz Kombucha, Phoenix Organics and tasty morsels from Food Snob (yup, this is included in your ticket price).

why you don't want to miss this event:

#1: Success Leaves Clues

These Change Makers are just like you and I. They have the same fears, the same self doubts, and the same issues we struggle with too. But something about them is a little different - they discovered a way to overcome it!  You see, success leaves clues. This event is an opportunity to get up close and personal with the best in the game, download and discover the success mindsets for yourself, hear about their tougher lessons (aka save yourself some pain!) and leave with insights and inspiration to create your unique impact. 

#2: Self Discovery

If you've already found your 'thing' - congratulations and welcome to the beginning of an epic and wild ride. To those who are on the path to discover your 'purpose' and what lights your soul on fire - do not panic! But know this - your purpose will not fall into your lap. The best thing you can do is get in the game! Follow the nudges, go to events (like this!), meet new people (like the ones at this event) and try new things. I spent three years on this path - stay curious, keep discovering and trust the timing of your life.

#3 Create Your Environment

Look up from your laptop, phone or desk cubicle. Are you inspired by the people around you? You become who you hang around. Period. If you really want a big life, if you really want to create change, then these are the humans you want to get around.