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a morning with daniel flynn, co-founder of thankyou.

We spent the morning with Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder of Thankyou. Thankyou are a social enterprise committed to ending global poverty in this lifetime, together. They commit 100% of the profit from their products to helping people in need. Seriously, if you haven't heard of them, stop right now and check out their incredible story and mission here.

We chatted about using business as a vehicle for social good, the true adversities of entrepreneurship, how to embrace failures and setbacks, develop the mindset for success, building community, powerful leadership and embracing innovation. Those juicy aspects we all want to know about!! You can check out some wisdom nuggets here.

Briony & Daniel Flynn, Thank You

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untapped presents: changemakers

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Have you ever had that deep desire to create an impact? To live your life fullyplay on the edges and make sure when your time is up you can say "I went all IN!" I feel you. Which is why I had these incredible ChangeMakers come share their stories with us:

  • Jayden Kilnac, Founder of For the Better Good, an inspiring values-led company creating a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bottles and packaging - you'll get your own take home goodie at the event!

  • Jessica Quinn, an advocate who's been showing cancer who's boss since 2001. Currently on a mission to bring awareness to image retouching in the advertising industry and speaking up on why we are chasing an unachievable and unrealistic idea of 'perfection'.

  • Nick Loosely, Founder of Everybody Eats, an innovative pay-as-you-feel dining initiative established in response to New Zealand’s issues with food poverty and food waste.

Check out the video below for all the nuggets from our Untapped Changemakers event!


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some kind words


It was incredible to see the vulnerability combined with inspiration Briony created for us as speakers and also everyone who attended the Untapped Changemakers event. Briony has a way of getting to the root of the topic and stripping away all the fluffy stuff on top. Making everyone see their true 'untapped' potential. Absolutely recommend working with Briony, her approach is from a place of knowledge and knowing, mixed with heart. This to me, is the perfect toolbox.”

Jayden Kilnac, For the Better Good