Strategy Session

untapped strategy session

one hour of juicy goodness to give you some clarity and direction in your career, life and/or business!

It can be tough making decisions or getting clear on what direction to take next huh? And then you find yourself asking your friends, parents, colleagues what to do but they just give you advice you don’t really want (or what they would do which is well….irrelevant!).

So, it’s about getting clear on what’s going to work for YOU!

The strategy session is a one-off opportunity to have a breakthrough in a particular area of life (take your pick!). It includes:

  • small content module (life audit + worksheet) sent prior to the session

  • 60-minute private coaching session - recorded for your future reference

  • (this is a chance to experience the true power and magic of deep coaching at a fraction of the usual cost!)

  • your next steps action plan!

    Shall we do this? It’s time to make your move. Jump on and book your spot below!

The strategy session with Briony was such a professional, interesting and helpful session. Briony really helped me identify areas of life which needed more work to become the ideal version of myself. I found the session extremely useful and insightful! Would highly recommend!
— Vishwa Jani
“I really valued the strategy session I had with Briony and would recommend her to any of my friends/colleagues! She provided so much clarity to my conflicted mind and really helped me delve deeper into my core values. I was able to make some really important decisions in my life coming away from the session which I will be forever grateful for.”
— sinead lunt