Here's some kind words from the rad people I have worked with. Check out their stories get an idea of what you can expect.


Who knew that in 8 weeks you could completely unfold every dimension of your potential, personally, professionally and everything in between?

The Untapped Series was this
empowering invitation to face my fears and limiting beliefs in the most powerful way that unlocked freedom and created some pivotal shifts towards living with passion and purpose every day.

Briony creates a space to get
real and be honest about the ups and downs of carving out your path in life, alongside this amazing group of people who are all exactly doing the same. As a group you share in each others breakthroughs, while creating the most contagious vibe of inspiration and accountability to each other.

Briony is SUCH a gift to our generation. She has the most infectious belief in us to live the most incredible lives aligned with who we are, and what we are here to give. She coaches from a very authentic space, and has this incredible combination of empathy and empowerment which is powerful, practical and honest.

Jeremie Hogan — Co-Founder at Opex Lab


“This coaching programme was nothing short of SERIOUSLY transformational. After the first session, I had my moneys worth! Briony helped me to unleash my potential, uncovering my blind spots and empowering me to step into a levelled up version of 'me'. I found clarity and direction for my work in taking it to the level I've dreamt of for so long, and tools and strategies to tackle some curly wurly situations that life had thrown me. Briony is so empowering and helps you activate what you want to see in your life. HIGHLY recommend!”

Gemma Major Founder Of Seed Waikato


"I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence. Untapped Series helped me assess where I was in my life at the moment, and in doing that it allowed me to look at the positives in my life and identify the gaps. I discovered more about what my passions and purposes are in life, and how I can best achieve them. I feel liberated and can’t speak highly enough of doing it! Briony knows exactly how to get the best out of the group. Why wouldn’t you do something that can change your life so much!" 

Hamish Robertson – Solicitor at Meredith Connell