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With trembling hands and rampant fear, I handed over my resignation letter to leave everything I knew - life as a lawyer. Yes, a year ago I made the leap to to pursue my passion, make an impact and design a life in alignment with my values. Sounds cliche I know, but it’s been one heck of a ride! Now, I love authentically sharing my journey in the hope to inspire others on theirs.

I love speaking from the heart. Letting rip on stage.

Now I’m not about trying to cram in a whole bunch of information. Because, let’s be honest information is freely available. I’m talking transformation. You know the kind that shifts your cells, stirs your soul, flips your perspective, leaves you a little mind blown about what’s really possible and inspires real and lasting change.

My philosophy is that mindset isn’t a stand alone topic. In fact it’s integrated into every facet of life, career and business. Whether you’re organising a conference, building a team retreat/workshop or creating an event, if you are out to create impact and change then mindset will be relevant!




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