untapped X the social experiment

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Untapped collaborated with some epic humans and co-created The Social Experiment. 

The Social Experiment is designed to test what's possible when extraordinary people work collectively on solving issues. We believe we have all the answers, creation and inspiration we need to solve some of societies biggest challenges. 

As change agents, social entrepreneurs, conscious leaders (and generally people up to big stuff playing a big game) we need to make sure we come from an empowered space with a powerful mindset to maximise our impact. The Social Experiment is an opportunity to expand, explore, grow, innovate and create. 

what is this?

  • grounding - getting present to New Zealand's biggest challenges

  • human-centred design - a creative approach to problem solving, the process of falling in love with the problem and then designing solutions

  • mindset coaching - pushing past personal limitations, transforming self limiting beliefs and fears (failure, judgement, criticism, perfectionism) to empower participants to play big

  • lean methodology - plan your tests and test your plans

  • collaborative action - new models for teams to create massive collective impact

  • social enterprise - the new way of doing business

Over 200 humans have been through the Social Experiment, here's what some of them had to say: 

The Social Experiment has added enormous value to my life. I was able to connect with so many talented and inspiring humans. The space the team created for personal growth and learning to take place was nothing short of phenomenal. If you’re open to stepping outside your comfort zone and love to learn, connect and be inspired then you should participate.
— Tim Cooke
An experience of a lifetime that left me wondering about the unlimited potential within me.
— Sadique Anam