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Here's some more kind words from the rad people I have worked with. Check out their stories get an idea of what you can expect.


Who knew that in 8 weeks you could completely unfold every dimension of your potential, personally, professionally and everything in between?

The Untapped Series was this
empowering invitation to face my fears and limiting beliefs in the most powerful way that unlocked freedom and created some pivotal shifts towards living with passion and purpose every day.

Briony creates a space to get
real and be honest about the ups and downs of carving out your path in life, alongside this amazing group of people who are all exactly doing the same. As a group you share in each others breakthroughs, while creating the most contagious vibe of inspiration and accountability to each other.

Briony is SUCH a gift to our generation. She has the most infectious belief in us to live the most incredible lives aligned with who we are, and what we are here to give. She coaches from a very authentic space, and has this incredible combination of empathy and empowerment which is powerful, practical and honest.

Jeremie Hogan — Co-Founder at Opex Lab


"I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence. Untapped Series helped me assess where I was in my life at the moment, and in doing that it allowed me to look at the positives in my life and identify the gaps. I discovered more about what my passions and purposes are in life, and how I can best achieve them. I feel liberated and can’t speak highly enough of doing it! Briony knows exactly how to get the best out of the group. Why wouldn’t you do something that can change your life so much!" 

Hamish Robertson – Solicitor at Chapman Tripp


“This coaching programme was nothing short of SERIOUSLY transformational. After the first session, I had my moneys worth! Briony helped me to unleash my potential, uncovering my blind spots and empowering me to step into a levelled up version of 'me'. I found clarity and direction for my work in taking it to the level I've dreamt of for so long, and tools and strategies to tackle some curly wurly situations that life had thrown me during 2018. Briony is so empowering and helps you activate what you want to see in your life. HIGHLY recommend!”

Gemma Major Founder Of Seed Waikato


"The group discussions are so powerful as it helps you realise that everyone has little things they are struggling with and it’s often quite similar stuff. Briony is AMAZING! She teaches you to look after yourself and gives you the tools to really enjoy life. She helped me let go of beliefs that were preventing me from enjoying every moment. I’ve finally disappeared the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else and really started enjoying where I am in life. I feel free and happy! 

Danielle McSweeney – Legal Counsel at 2Degrees

"The Untapped Series has propelled me into a happier and more fulfilled life. Briony creates an incredibly open and inclusive environment which allows participants to share in a safe space. Briony is a compassionate coach, who challenges you to dig deeper into your insights and ultimately empowers you to have a greater understanding of yourself. I now understand my own internal critic, have an awareness of how it was limiting me and now have the tools to develop further. I have an appreciation of what I value and where I want to take my professional career. Most importantly, I have the self-confidence and belief to take the positive steps to achieve this! Briony’s journey is an inspiration and is something that I will continue to take great strength and courage from in the future."

Chris Stuart


Hayley was an incredible teacher passionate about many things. She has recently started her own exploration as a personal leadership coach! 

"Briony I feel liberated! I have learned to listen, I have learned to take on others advice in a genuine and accepting way. The Untapped Series empowers you to take a step back, analyse your true self, reset and become the best version of yourself right now. THANK YOU!"                              

Hayley Barr -Teacher & Personal Leadership Coach


"I found myself sitting in a ‘Your Why Untapped’ session and it was life-changing. I went from having no sense of direction to building a plan and ready to tackle the next few months of the unknown. After discovering my values and what makes me unique I landed a new job which aligned perfectly with me

It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you “should have it all sorted” and comparing yourself to others when you don’t know what you want to do or where you want to go. Coaching completely changed the outlook of my situation, gave me a vision for my life and enabled me to accept more than ever that nothing great happens in the comfort zone.

What you take away from each session with Briony is absolutely incredible. You can’t put a price tag on personal development, it is so important.  Her natural ability to create a strong sense of rapport and engage with you in a way that you leave each session full of purpose and enthusiasm. It's invaluable."

Kylie Tietjens — Clinical Nurse transitioned to Nurse Educator at Breast Cancer Foundation


"Untapped Series taught me skills for chasing the fulfilling life we dream of.

Untapped explored ways to discover our hidden potential whilst identifying the major barriers that limit us from who / what we aspire to be. The Series strengthened my desire to chase passions and offered techniques for taking action toward my ambitions. The Series and Bri created an inner desire to chase whatever you seek from life and installed the confidence within you to believe it will happen.   

I feel more confident in my ability to maximise opportunities that present themselves. I feel more motivated and inspired to discover and chase where I want to be and how I will ‘make a difference’. Finally I am more aware of what I need to do to maximise my potential to achieve my dreams!

It is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and go through a somewhat unknown journey with a unique bunch of people.
The most exciting aspect is that the experience is different for everyone. Your key learnings and breakthroughs may differ to others but it is the combination of Coach Bri and the diversity of the group that is the secret to such findings. If your serious about challenging the status quo, chasing your aspirations and maximising your potential (for the benefit of both yourself and others) then this is a no brainer - get amongst."  

Brad Davis


"I was worried about signing up in case I didn’t see any results and I was sceptical that a group programme could be personalised and relevant enough to apply directly to me. I was also hesitant about sharing limiting beliefs, fears and personal views with other people – it seemed like such a vulnerable position to consciously be putting oneself in.

None of these concerns eventuated – in fact, having now completed the course, I can recognise  that these could have prevented me from doing something great! I really enjoyed doing the series in the group setting, it provided a safe collaborative environment, where people could present their thoughts and ideas and others could easily relate.

I feel empowered and energised! Briony’s coaching has provided me with a useful toolkit of knowledge which I can apply to many aspects of my life. I now have the ability to back myself and manage limiting internal thoughts/beliefs. I also feel that I am able to share my experiences with others, which is really rewarding as well.

Think of it as an investment into your future. This is an awesome opportunity - Briony is an amazing coach and the course provides tools which you can use forever!"

Megan Proctor – Solicitor at Chapman Tripp


"I feel like a whole new person. I am decisive in my decision-making. I can have the difficult conversation. I am in action and finally making stuff I have put off for ages happen. I embrace my fears. I have clarity with regard to how I want to live my life and each day I am living in alignment with my values. Once I fully understood my values, purpose and definition of success, everything else in my life fell into place. Briony will provide you will the tools and support you need to discover so much about yourself that you didn’t realise you were capable of. Untapped will help you redefine success. It is the catalyst for unleashing your ability to live a truly aligned life." 

Chloe Leech – Deal Advisor at KPMG Amsterdam


"I am now inspired to see what I am capable of! Life feels like a ‘blank canvas’ and I am ready to paint! I feel comfortable not knowing what my future will hold. I pushed myself to have courageous conversations that I needed to have in order to get results. 

I absolutely loved the Untapped Series. We do not often get the opportunity to truly express ourselves or talk about our lives meaningfully and it is so important! The course is a unique opportunity for young individuals to connect and know that we are not alone during these unsettling yet exciting times of our lives. It is so easy to compare yourself with others and begin to doubt what you want. 

This is an opportunity to change your mindset to become the best version of yourself!"

Sarah Fitzgerald – Candidate Manager at Tribe Recruitment


"My cousin recommended Briony as she thought this was something that I could benefit from. She knew I was a bit lost and would have never considered using a coach before. I had a lot of people telling me what they thought I should be doing so I needed someone to guide me to what I truly wanted.

As a result of this, I have started my own business. I have a passion for beauty, so I have decided to pursue this. Briony encouraged me to start my own business and has given me the tools to be successful. She taught me to not be so hard on myself and second guess my actions and decisions.

Briony’s coaching has
made me feel more settled, comfortable in what I am doing and the ready to embrace the challenges I face.

Working with Briony was awesome! She has a way of
making you feel you are unstoppable and can do anything! If you haven’t thought of working with a coach before, Briony is definitely one of a kind - you won’t regret it!"

Tess Rippon — Founder of Polished by Tess Louise


"The Untapped Series was an amazing experience, something I will remember forever. My relationship, career and everything else in my life has become so much deeper. I feel much more connected to people. Bri is an amazing coach who offers great insights and guidance. Being a group programme, you also get to connect with amazing people and I made some really great friends!"

Grace Cater — Founder of The Break Space


"Briony is a phenomenal coach and person - a deep and empathetic listener, never shying from empowering her clients to unlock their full potential.

Briony is
incredible at helping clients identify personal limiting beliefs, fears and doubts preventing them from living up to their full capability. Through insightful questions and deep empathy, she provides clarity on how these beliefs came to be, and gives actionable steps to overcome them. In doing so, Briony is a catalyst for her clients leading lives of meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

Briony is a stand for her clients playing big in the world.
She can see her clients' unique strengths and gifts, and holds them accountable to stepping up and leaning into the uncomfortable so that they can lead incredible lives.

I have been privileged to have Briony change my own life, while also being a witness to her shaping and changing many others. She has enabled me to identify and overcome personal limitations I had placed on myself, and in doing so, I have had experiences and said yes to challenges that I would have previously closed the door on.  

Briony has big things ahead of her, and is a game changer of this generation. She will continue to have a direct impact on the lives and futures of many, and a ripple effect far beyond."

Hannah Wrathall — Strategy and Business Lead at Peoply


"I was introduced to the Untapped Series of the back of a Social Experiment wrap up event, Briony spoke to 'imagining waking up everyday excited and bursting with the energy for the extraordinary life you had created'. I wondered who these people were and how I could create the space for my own inspirations and ambitions to flourish.

Through an
amazing journey of self-discovery, reflection and listening I was able to find I had the courage and compassion to build on the foundations I knew were there but I hadn't give the acknowledgement too. I could be the driver! Briony has an ability to gather your story from very few questions, leading you down the path with such comfort and genuine friendship, you can be authentic and share the deepest parts of yourself. The true depth to what makes you show up and be seen, heard and loved.

Untapped was an amazing journey with incredible supporters that have become friends.
Untapped has made me feel like I have been able to show up to life with the wholeheartedness I sought out at the beginning of the journey, I can have the critical and courageous conversations with myself and others and truly express the change I want to see in my communities, and world.

Briony thank you for the opportunity to create this change, having the belief in me when I couldn't see it and giving so much passion and support! Game changer!"

Harriet Bowker — Commercial Accounts Manager at James Dunlop Textiles


“I feel energised and fearless about the pathway ahead after completing the Untapped Series. Briony’s passion is undeniable, prompting huge growth with her knowledge, guidance and epic attitude. I’ve been pushed beyond my comfort zone and I’m experiencing massive gains from this already. I’ve come away with a set of practical tools to keep the momentum and accountability afloat, and I’m also incredibly grateful to be part of an inspiring community of go-getters!”

Jessie McMath — Freelance Analyst and Technical Writer


“The amount of growth, self-discovery and confidence I have undergone during only EIGHT WEEKS of the Untapped Series has been absolutely astounding. Briony shows unrivalled empathy and genuine energy for those in her course. Not to mention I now have a network of absolutely amazing game-changers, where we can all continue to hold each other accountable for the actions we're taking. Like she said, the more you invest in yourself and grow, the bigger challenges you will face. After doing the course, I know that I'm excited for those next massive challenges. Bring it on!”

Olivia Forman


“Since working with Briony in the Untapped Series, my mindset has completely changed. Never had I taken the time to sit down and evaluate how I see the world, and the effect that this has on where I am, and where I want to be in my life. I have since become clearer on my values and have transformed so many self-limiting beliefs. The Series allowed me to reflect on my strengths and my achievements; but to also reflect on what I saw as my weaknesses and why. I felt constantly supported by the community, and even after finishing the Series, I know their support persists. It is an incredible thing to be able to share such intimate details of your mind with complete strangers and have them say “me too.” It truly reminds you that no matter how different we seem, there are central similarities that exist, and it is discussion that cements change. The Series reminded me to put myself first, to be aware of what is serving me and what is not. Briony holds you accountable to your goals, she inspires you to make a change and even today she is in the back of my mind encouraging me to make the stretch! From living in a place of constant self-doubt, Briony taught me to value myself completely. Briony is a bright light; she inspires self-worth and capability and is motivating so many to aim higher than ever before.”

Natasha Lubas — Naturopath


"If you're tired of 8 till 5 & not sure what's next, or you've already had an idea and just don't know how to start, Bounce is your jam (aka what you've been looking for). It's been the best way to just jump in and begin!  Briony & Dalaney both have this incredible energy and passion for helping people discover their energy & passion - they gave us an instant community and have guided us through the ups and downs of figuring it all out. The insights & action you get through this journey are epic! You won't regret it - I haven't!"

Hannah Johnston — Founder, Fanclub - Bounce Participant


Briony came along at the perfect time in my life. The positivity and energy that she brought to every session kept me engaged and eager to push myself even further. Taking the leap to work with Briony was the best decision I ever made. You can immediately tell that she was born to be a coach and assist people in becoming the best version of themselves. I would highly recommend her to anyone!! 🖤

Paddy Miller


Briony makes things move. What makes her coaching distinct is her ability to cause others to cause their own results, which fulfil on their unique dreams and destiny. She has a highly skilled way of removing beliefs, which typically have people stopped, so they are freed-up to take powerful action. Whilst working with Briony, I was lit up by who I was being and took action outside of my comfort zone. I got clear on my values and how they could shape the course of my life. I have never felt more clear on my direction and purpose, and the power that I have to create the life I want. I am now in the process of launching my own business to empower teenagers and millennials and would not have taken the action required without Briony. The power is in Briony’s listening. She hears what really matters to people and holds them to live in alignment with the highest version of themselves. She is always present, compassionate and energetic, and after every session, I felt alive and ready to take on the world.”

Libby Hatherly-Greene

soph headshot.png

“I consistently had that gut feeling telling me there must be something MORE feeling. I felt the urge to live deeper and embrace my 100% confident best self. I was constantly looking for the next thing that would help me level up in life but never truly getting there. Bounce challenged me to finally do the things i’ve been talking about for years.”

Soph Borland — Founder of Headstrong

Andy Crowe.png

“I feel full! Everything has expanded. I had no idea exactly what I would get out of Bounce, but I’m definitely surprised and delighted at who I have become and what I have achieved in such a short space of time!”

Andy Crowe — Founder of Tech Library & Andy Makes

Bre McQuade.png

"Briony is such an incredible soul. She creates a safe space which allows you to open up and delve deeper into yourself (which can often be very uncomfortable). There was a lot of discovery, difficult questions, and opportunities to have authentic and honest discussions about my personal journey. With deep gratitude and appreciation, I highly recommend connecting with Bri! If you need a coach for wherever you are in life, hit her up. Also, the resources she uses are very valuable and continue to be amazing to revisit and work back through."

Bre McQuade — Business Insights Specialist at Mana Whaikaha (Enable New Zealand)