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Hey YOU,

Ambitious, intelligent, genuine soul.

Are you feeling a little stuck? Wondering ‘what’s next’? Know there is something more perhaps you just don’t know what? Keen to shake off the self-doubt and fear holding you back? I feel you, trust me I've been there (see the ‘about’ page for my journey). If you're ready for some clarity, direction and purpose in your life and you’re keen to make a change and expand to the next level then my new free online course uniquely untapped is for you.  

uniquely untapped is a free online course to explore and identify the things that are holding you back from your true potential and the opportunity to discover your core values and start to design your life around them!

You know that niggle that there is something more for you? That feeling you have more potential within but you don’t know how to realise it?

If you said YES then you are in the right place my friend because this free course is specifically designed for you.  

“I’d been going through the motions of questioning the 9-5 life, my purpose and how to get more fulfilment out of my life, particularly at work.

Since participating in Uniquely Untapped, I’ve become crystal clear on my values thanks to Briony - and ever since, making decisions has become a lot easier, as I now can identify what makes me tick with much more ease!

I feel inspired that I have the tools to design my own life, and assured that fulfilment is founded in vulnerability - I have the courage to START something, rather than waiting till it’s perfect to launch!”
— Rebekah
“The insights I have gained from this week have been life-changing.” 
— Kate

what will I learn ?


    • unpack and expose the mindsets, beliefs, and old stories holding you back!


    • get really clear on your core values and what makes you tick!


    • so much of our life happens by default, it’s time to start curating and creating your life!

  • You will have lifetime access to this content and join a Facebook community of like-minded individuals who are also ready to do epic things in the world

“Thank you thank you for the clarity, inspiring content and amazing energy which has really taken me to the next level. Its quite incredible how quickly things move when you are on the right frequency!”
— Hayley
“Posting in the group and getting positive feedback has made me so much more comfortable. Reading others thoughts/beliefs/values has also been SUPER inspiring because I can see how we really are all going through the same thing. I also appreciate the course because it serves as a great reminder of what we as individuals and as a community can accomplish when we help lift each other up! Plus, it’s just a great reminder there are some amazing individuals out there that restore a little of your faith in the world again.”
— Olivia
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HOW does it work?

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  • Over 5 days, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset, get clarity on your core values and start to design your life!

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