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What really Stops an idea from becoming a reality?

So my entrepreneurial homie, something tells me you have a little notebook full of ideas? But ahhh where to begin…next thought - I guess a logo? Then it happens….some pestering thought of self doubt or fear of failure.

We’ve been there.

For us, the biggest breakthrough on our entrepreneurial journey wasn’t some magic wonder book, the perfect logo or a revolutionary idea in the shower… it was working on our mindsets.

Which is why we created bounce

So Wait, what’s Bounce?

Simple, we saw a crucial ingredient is missing in business services and programmes around the world…mindset!

We created bounce, a 10-week transformational coaching experience where you and a bunch of amazing game-changers (aka your crew) will:

  • cultivate and unleash your entrepreneurial mindset

  • validate your idea(s) using entrepreneurial tools and strategies; and

  • connect with a community of like-minded humans

You can think of it like a membership for your mind, body, soul and biz. Skip the smashed avo and soy lattes for the next 10-weeks and let’s do this!

Cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset

entrepreneurial mindset

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entrepreneurial Strategy




what will I get? take a sneak peek at the modules…

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Week 1:
One Purpose, Many Missions

We start by deep diving into what it is you’re here to do (aka your purpose). Granted it’s a big question annnnd we believe it’s the X FACTOR to a truly aligned entrepreneurial journey.

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Week 2: Entrepreneurial Mindset

Sounds sexy huh? Entrepreneurial mindset is the secret sauce. You are the business, so it only works as well as you do. This week overcome the personal limitations and fears holding you back.

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WEEK 5: Problem Discovery

Why do so many ventures fail? They focus on the wrong things - blindsided by their own assumptions and biases, we will teach you how to find the RIGHT problem. Research like an efficient & effective Entrepreneur.

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WEEK 7: Ideation Station

You have a strong mission, a powerful mindset, and a world changing problem to solve! Now it’s ideation time. This week you discover your inner psychologist, creative genius and decision-making master.

Psstt…we don’t want to spoil it but just for you, we will tell you some more…
Foundational Habits & Success Rituals; Self Mastery; Unicorn Factory; Reality Check; Next Leaps; Inspiring Others and SO many more bonus goodies…

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bounce is for you if you…

  • have ideas but nothing fully formulated and struggle to take it to the next level

  • experience fears and self doubt around your ‘entrepreneurial’ capabilities

  • struggling to make meaningful progress on your own but you know you’re here to make an impact

  • know you need accountability to gain momentum towards the results you desire

  • want to live an inspired life beyond the “normal” societal expectations - yup you like to challenge the status quo

  • often feel lonely and misunderstood in your creative entrepreneurial ideas and you’re ready to be around like-minded peeps who share same passion for life!

    Well you my friend, are in the right place!

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ok, how does it work?  & What will i get?

  • 10x weekly (60-minute) online group coaching sessions

  • 10x modules of transformational content that will expand your awareness, encourage growth (because if we aren't growing we're dying), unleash your potential and provide you with clarity and direction for your idea

  • thorough action-focused worksheets each week

  • additional resources to enhance training topics

  • powerful tools that you can use every day and forever

  • accountability check ins and a power partner

  • exclusive private members only group

  • a community of inspirational ambitious humans

  • access to coaches and community between sessions

  • oh did I mention heaps of fun?

Briony makes things MOVE. What makes her coaching distinct is her ability to cause others to cause their own results, which fulfil on their unique dreams and destiny.
— Libby Zandbergan
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After the first session, I had my moneys worth! Briony helped me to unleash my potential, uncovering my blind spots and empowering me to step into a new version of me.

I found clarity and direction taking my life and work to a level I’ve dreamt of for so long.
— Gemma Major

entrepreneur it’s french for 'has ideas, does them'....


  • Do I have what it takes? Can I do this?

    Pause for a moment, take a breath. Yes. You are a creator. You were born to make an impact. It’s time to grow, expand and discover what’s really possible. It’s time to trust yourself and take a leap of faith. You’ve got this!

  • Do I need a fully formulated idea? I have like an inkling.. but...

    Not at all, that’s part of the fun! We will give you all the tools you need to flesh it out, bring it into reality and make it happen.

  • What if I don't see myself as an entrepreneur, but I want to make more creative contributions at work?

    Perfect, we call this intrapreneurship. All the skills and mindsets you learn in bounce can be applied to any work in the world!

  • I don't want to start a business right now, but want to learn all the tools!?

    Great, these tools and mindsets will stick with you for life and save you a lot of time & money later on. Master them now and save yourself the pain later!

  • Do I need to be in Auckland New Zealand to do this programme?

    No, this program is run online. The video content and the community is all digital, so you can participate in the program from anywhere in the world! Rad huh?!

  • Will I be able to fit this around my full time job?

    Yes, bounce is designed so you can fit it around your day job. In the programme, we will share methods for improving productivity & focus.

  • Is now the right time for me to start this programme?

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.