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are you ready to create your unique impact in the world?


Well my entrepreneurial homie, you’ve landed on this page because you know you're here to do something great. To use your unique gifts to make an impact. Something tells me you have a notebook full of ideas? But argh where to begin…next thought - a logo? And then it happens….some pestering thought of self doubt or fear of failure that you just don’t know how to shift. Unsure about the next steps and wishing you had the confidence to take your place in the world.

We’ve been there.

Which is why we created bounce

An online group coaching programme to teach you the entrepreneurial strategies and mindset to take your idea to the world. Hold up, we don’t just teach - we implement, action and embody every step of the journey. That workshop? Done. That programme? Launched. That podcast? Recorded.

Imagine a community of entrepreneurial homies ideating, executing and bouncing ideas to life. It’s time to take your message, your unique gifts and your impact to the world.

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Next intakes
January 14th 2020 & March 14th 2020

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How Bounce works


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Weekly transformational modules. Includes videos, worksheets, additional tools and resources.


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Weekly (60-minute) live video coaching sessions.


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Action-oriented weekly accountability and exclusive members only community.

you can think of it like a membership for your mind, body, soul and biz. skip the smashed avo and soy lattes for the next 10-weeks and let’s do this!

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Thoughts, feelings and concerns

me!? an entrepreneur?

All the skills and mindsets you learn in bounce can be applied to any work in the world! Have more creative contributions at work (we call this intrapreneurship) and dive into entrepreneurship and learn the tools and mindsets that will stick with you for life.

Have An idea or just an inkling..

The more ideas we get out of our heads, the more room we create for new ones. So coming into bounce you don’t need an idea at all. That’s part of the fun! We will give you all the tools you need to flesh an idea out, bring it into reality and make it happen.

Other Commitments…life?

Yes, Bounce fits it around your day job too. Bounce is designed so you can fit it around your life. In the programme, we will share methods for improving productivity & focus.

time and location?

This programme is run online. The video content and the community is all digital, so you can participate in the programme from anywhere in the world! Rad huh?!

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Meet Soph. During Bounce she founded her coaching company, Headstrong and ran her first workshop series...

”I consistently had that gut feeling telling me there must be something MORE. I felt the urge to live deeper and embrace my 100% confident best self. I was constantly looking for the next thing that would help me level up in life but never truly getting there. Bounce challenged me to finally do the things i’ve been talking about for years.”
— Soph Borland founder of headstrong, 1st bounce crew
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Take a sneak peak at some of the modules

Each week you’ll walk away with transformational tools designed to boost confidence, self-awareness and bring your ideas to reality!

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Pause for a moment, take a breath

You are a creator. You were born to make an impact. It’s time to grow, expand and discover what’s really possible. It’s time to trust yourself and take a leap of faith. You’ve got this!

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Meet Andy. Father of two and an innovator at heart! During Bounce he launched ‘The Tech Library’ bringing world-leading technologies to schools across New Zealand......

I feel full! Everything has expanded. I had no idea exactly what I would get out of Bounce, but I’m definitely surprised and delighted at who I have become and what I have achieved in such a short space of time!
— Andy Crowe - Founder of Tech Library & Andy Makes, 1st bounce crew
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Programme details

entrepreneurial tools

Duration: 10 weeks

Timing: 3rd February - 13th April 2019

Weekly Coaching Calls: 7-8pm (NZT) Tuesday

Investment: $2950 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $2550 + GST


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Meet your coaches

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Briony McKenzie

Meet Briony. A dynamic and heart-lead coach who's enthusiasm and passion will challenge, activate and inspire soulful action.

After a number of years as a top-tier corporate lawyer, Briony made the leap to start Untapped. She’s a certified NLP Master Coach and her passion for mindset and personal development has led her to train in-person all over the world with some of the most transformational leaders in the industry.

Through coaching, speaking and facilitating workshops, Briony has inspired thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations to realise and harness their true potential, uncover their unique gifts and create their impact and contribution in the world!

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Dalaney Davis

Meet Dalaney. He’s ammmaaaazzzingg too…

Self proclaimed ‘freak for psychology’ and question-asking machine. He brings his knowledge and experience to cultivate curiosity and create a supportive space for individuals and ideas to flourish.

Through his own start up endeavours and working with countless impact-lead individuals and teams (from blockchain payments systems to solo-entrepreneurs) he has a knack for getting ideas to reality.

Dalaney lives and breaths entrepreneurship and social impact.

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Meet Britt. She changed career during bounce!

”You’re given tools, you’re give targets, you’re given accountability. It challenged me to go in a direction I never thought I would. It’s so worth it! Get in it. Give it 100. And enjoy it!”
— britt wright
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I found clarity and direction taking my life and work to a level I’ve dreamt of for so long! If you’re tired of 8 till 5 & not sure what’s next, or you have an idea and just don’t know how to start, Bounce is your jam/what you’ve been looking for. It’s been the best way to just jump in and begin! Briony & Dalaney both have this incredible energy and passion for helping people discover their energy & passion - they gave us an instant community and have guided us through the ups and downs of figuring it all out. The insights & action you get through this journey are epic! You won’t regret it - I haven’t!”
— Hannah Johnston Founder of Fanclub, 1st Bounce Crew
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