How to create success, on your terms.

What do you want from life? No really. What it is? My mission is to help you make the impossible, possible. To take your good life and make it great. 

This is the journey of my client who transformed what externally seemed like a 'successful' life to a fulfilling meaningful masterpiece of her dreams (aka Success 2.0). I'm sharing this with you because so many people don't understand the journey of coaching, the types of people who use coaches, or the results you can create through coaching. 

Meet Lizzie. 


Hey, I'm Lizzie.


See if you can see some of yourself in her story and relate to the obstacles she overcame to achieve her dreams. 

Lizzie is an incredibly motivated and passionate human. In our first session she said "I thought I would do something great, but I feel like I'm not". 

Lizzie got that investing in yourself and your growth creates an ROI that's tenfold a pair of next season boots. We can frivolously spend hundreds of dollars on a cheeky trim flat white and Saturday smashed avo brunch (admittedly, both of these are bloody delightful) but they only give us temporary satisfaction and fulfilment. Coaching on the other hand is an invest in ourselves, the biggest asset we will ever have.

STEP 2: CONNECT TO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT (and no, you don't have to know what this is yet to start coaching)
Lizzie is (for another two months) a badass lawyer but what we discovered is that she had a burning desire to make a difference. Ideas of using tech, law and entrepreneurship to disrupt the education system and leave a legacy for a nation she is proud to call home. Oooooo now that feels like something to get up in the morning for.  This part is where you give up the opinions, judgements and advice of others and start to do the inner work and really trust yourself. You take the ideas in the notebook (or for the visual kids the vision board) and you actually begin to create them. We use exercises, experiences and reflection to craft and create your vision for your life, an authentically aligned life on YOUR terms.

Now Lizzie had a clearer idea of what she wanted but you see, that isn't enough. There is so much that will get in the way of you achieving your dreams and true success. Stories about life and who you are (or are not), self doubt, limiting beliefs from your past impacting your present, fears that feel so real you might be sick (judgement, vulnerability, failure). Lizzie leant riiiiiiight on into all of this and as her coach, I was there every step of the way. You have to uncover what is holding you back and then we create powerful ways to move through it. It's a phenomenal process incomparable to anything else. 

No one cares what you do (or have done), it's about who you BE. Lizzie went to work on creating who she was, how she wanted to show up. Powerfully, passionate, committed, inspirational, curious. You name it she tried it. And then she got out in the world and she took massive action. 

Lizzie is now a proud co-founder of The Social Experiment, an incredibly powerful weekend long experience (think all things social impact, personal transformation, design thinking, creativity and connection) AND in 3 months time she is off to study her dream course at Cornell Tech (yes, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States). All of this was just unfathomable dreams in a notebook not long ago. What is that impossible dream you have stopped believing in? What could you truly achieve if you had someone in your corner to really believe in you and your dreams? 

In a very small nutshell that's Lizzie and whilst she is an amazing human being she is no different to you or I. We all have the same untapped potential. What coaching does is help you realise that potential, take your life from good to great, makes the impossible, possible.

A lot of us are just getting by, going through the motions, kind of living our lives on others terms or what we think we 'should' do, kinda connecting but also hiding, kinda having fun but wondering if there is more for me. Well I'm here to tell you there is. There is a WHOLE lot more. You deserve an extraordinary life that lights your soul on fire.

So tell me what's your impossible goal? What's the legacy you want to leave? What's that thing you know you should do but you're terrified to take the leap? 

With love and appreciation,