perfectionism keeping you stuck?

I've got a few thoughts to share with you, perhaps you can relate?

You see, I'm a recovering perfectionist. I spent years of my life obsessively striving for flawlessness and living in overwhelm trying to get it all 'right'. 

From an outside perspective I was what society would consider an 'overachiever' and in many ways I had it 'all'.

But there was a dark side. 

On the inside I was suffering. Stuck in agonising procrastination on my dreams, filled with fear, living with my self critical judgement "achieve more, do more, give more". And on top of all this I was really lacking fulfilment and deep connection with others. 

Ya feel? Honestly I get it, I have been here and everyday I am working with more and more people dealing with this.

So now what? Read on - I've worked out 5 ways to help you breakthrough your perfectionism.  

1. Embrace your imperfections with vulnerability and courage.
People can't connect with perfect people! If you want to deepen your connections with others you have to be human, messy, raw and real. Embrace it all and I promise we will still love you. 

2. Honestly ask yourself, what would perfect even look like? 

3. Perfection is fear in disguise.
What is it you are really afraid of? Perfectionism is rooted in fear. Fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of being judged, fear of criticism, fear of vulnerability and the list goes on and on. Face your fears. It's game time baby. 

4. The 80/20 Rule.
It is never going to be 100 percent ready, like never ever. Launch, execute, take action when is it 80% ready. Quit getting ready to get ready and take the 'imperfect' action. 

5. Mantra: Progress over perfection.
Embrace the journey of learning and growing along the way. Commit to a game of progress and you will learn more about yourself and reach your dreams quicker than you could ever imagine. 

Frothing this content and ready to kick this perfectionism thing once and for all?

Click here to watch video. 

With gratitude for how rad you are,