A Life-Changing Distinction: Information vs Transformation


I’m sitting here with a cuppa and the fire roaring as I look out over the lake and snowcapped mountains (Central Otago, New Zealand aka my haven). It feels nice to finally slow. Life can get so full huh? For me, the last 8 months have been packed with travel and trainings (NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Global Leadership Programme, Coaches Intensive in San Diego...the list goes on). And so, over the next couple of months I'm entering what I like to call - an ‘integration phase’ (a period of space with minimal information/input to integrate all the incredible learnings and wisdom).

Anyway, probably much like you I LOVE learning and expanding which is why I felt called to share this notion with you - Information vs Transformation.

We’ve entered the information age, where information is readily accessible 24/7.

There are now endless platforms and ways to learn the mindsets, beliefs and lessons from the best in the world (which is frikin amazing!). BUT here's the thing.....

Knowing all this information makes no difference. It's in the application and integration of this knowledge that the true impact and results occur #transformation.

Think about it...let's say you've heard every successful human speak about the importance of having a morning routine. So you buy a new journal, heck you even download that meditation app your friend recommended, yet you never actually implement the routine...

That's right. Nothing shifts. Because action is the only thing that shifts reality.

In my case, I've found that can be learning is addictive and somewhat dangerous as it feels like growth & progress but we have to get real....are we really applying and integrating? Or does all this learning meaning we avoid actually DOING THE THING?

Pause for a moment and consider what your life would look like if you actually actioned and integrated everything you were learning?? Wow.

So while I am here in Central Otago integrating and applying all the juicy wisdom from the last 8 months, I have a #challenge for you.....

  • Next time you listen to an audiobook/podcast - the moment you hear that golden nugget/suggested action. Pause the content. PAUSE. And do not hit play until you have actioned that thing in your life.

  • Next time your reading and that one-liner that hits you - make it your mantra and put it as your background phone to remind you to live it each day.

  • Next time you learn something new - teach it to a friend that same day!

This is a new way of learning. This is learning that embraces doing.

You could say we're switching from a constant information consumption diet to a little intermittent fasting. Learn. Action & Integrate. Learn. Action & Integrate....

So, do you accept the challenge? Let's get it!

Big love,
Bri xx

P.s THIS is one of the reasons why I love coaching. It holds you accountable to actually implement what you're learning (insert boom shaka laka dance move here).

Briony McKenzie