Hey tribe,

Last Wednesday marked my 27th birthday. In the last few years I have taken on a new ritual of taking myself on a date to reflect and celebrate the past year. Highs, lows, wins, lessons. All of it. This time I took myself to Bondi Beach and it's fair to say it's been one of my biggest years yet.

The journey of entrepreneurship can be so glamourised and I just want to be totally transparent it's messy, uncomfortable and it shines a huge spotlight on the things your life that don't work so well. Whilst saying all of that, it has been one of the most rewarding, expansive, fulfilling things I have ever done and possibly the best personal growth in the world.

You probably see the quotes on Instagram, "It's about the journey not the destination." And for the first time in my life that landed so profoundly. It has nothing to do with WHAT you achieve but in fact WHO you become in the process. That's the gold.

So how has your last year been? Try the reflection process below!


If you want to integrate this practice into your life, here's the process I use:

Ask, What's Worked: Take the time to journal all the incredible things you have created/achieved and what made the difference to you being effective and succeeding.

Ask, What Hasn't Worked: Take the time to journal about things that haven't worked i.e areas you neglected, sold out on yourself and your commitment or allowed ineffective habits and/or people to drain your energy.

What are you letting go of/leaving behind? Powerfully choose one or two things to leave behind that are no longer serving you.

Create your new intention for your next year! For me, my mantra of 27 is "honouring self" (yes, I am a recovering people-pleaser)

Go forth and kick some butt!

My friend, you are the creator of your entire life experience. Whether you know it or not you consciously and/or unconsciously created all of it (huge right!?) AND that means if you want to create a new experience, you can!

Let's make every year count!

Massive love,


Briony McKenzie