Oh hey there, 

I had a really cool moment in my journey but also a little confronting. My story about leaving the law and starting my own coaching business featured in the New Zealand Herald.....


And here's the thing, I found it extremely hard to be with the acknowledgements from others and especially to acknowledge myself for what it has taken and just enjoy the win. 

SOMETHING FOR YOUR TO CONSIDER: When did you last celebrate your wins? Acknowledge yourself for all the incredible magic you are creating in the world and how much you contribute to others?

It's funny right?!....It's just not something we do ever or often enough!

We tend to either:
a) dismiss it like it isn't a big deal or claim we are just 'lucky'; or
b) get stuck on the hamster wheel of "what's next, do more, more, more, be better, better, better." 

HERE'S THE LIFEHACK: Acknowledgement has the power to build self-esteem and confidence, uplift and empower you and help you maintain momentum. SO LET'S DO IT MORE!!!

1) Take 3-5 minutes to write down three things you want to acknowledge yourself for today. Recommendation: incorporate this as a daily practice. 
2) Acknowledge three people in your life (in-person or just a cheeky message) for something special you see in them.
So, do you take this on? 

Learning to acknowledge yourself, acknowledge others, celebrate your wins and have gratitude is the ultimate hack to enjoying the journey (as opposed to the destination)! There will always be more to do and create so I'm celebrating every little win along the way.

Drop a comment below and share with me what you got from taking this small assignment on!

Acknowledge you for being so rad!

Briony McKenzie