Are you waiting for the FEAR to go away?

Here's the thing.....it never goes away.

You just get better at taking action in the face of it. 

There isn't a day go by that I don't feel a little afraid, that I don't struggle, face challenges and setbacks in my life. But I know I have a CHOICE about how it goes. And so do YOU. 

Confident, courageous people are no different. They are just willing to put fear in the back seat and take hold of the wheel. 

Check out this Facebook Live to hear more about how to use "Fear as your Fuel" and some of my own personal experiences (one being a bout of social anxiety just the other day). 

So tell me, what are you most afraid of? 

  • failure
  • success
  • judgement
  • criticism
  • vulnerability
  • rejection
  • people seeing the authentic you (flaws and all?!) 

You're not alone. All human beings experience these.

Imagine for just a moment, what would be possible if you could still take action in the face of all of these? What could you create? 

This weeks mantra: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Briony McKenzie