Here's the phrase that takes everyone out of the game: "I'll set aside some time and have a 'think' about it." 

Although our brain is a powerful tool and deep thinking is valuable in many cases. I am going to be straight with you, if you're thinking about things, you're not doing anything

And it's in the DOING, that the magic happens. 

This time last year, I was absolutely terrified to host my first Your Why Untapped breakfast workshop. I had pages of notes, my mind was racing, palms sweating and following the session I had an intense vulnerability hangover (thanks, Brené Brown for coining that phrase). I could have thought more about how the session might go and put some more thought into the content. But I knew that no matter how much I 'thought' about it, confidence would come from taking action. 

Since it's creation, over 230 humans have been through this session. And it's completely transformed, I've completely transformed! No notes, no worries, zero palms sweats and the whole experience is so much deeper and more powerful! I laugh when I think back now but we have to start somewhere right? 

So, what's that thing you've been putting off? 
Wondering about a career change.....go and speak to someone in the industry or area you're interested in.
Not sure if you could start a business.....start a side hustle and find out. 
Been wanting to start your blog......everyone hates their first one, just get it out of the way! 

Don't wait for the confidence to come. Feel the fear of uncertainty. Lean into the vulnerability. And trust me, there is magic on the other side.

What will you choose to take action on TODAY?

Briony McKenzie