8 Life-Changing Lessons Learnt

A couple years ago I had what some would coin 'a quarter-life crisis'. That moment where I just thought, 'What am I doing with my life. What is this really all about'. Below, I've compiled some of my biggest learnings to date. I hope you take insight and encouragement from them.

1) You are not supposed to have it all 'figured out'. 
No really. It's ok. The truth, no one does. I always felt an extreme pressure to know exactly what was next and be completely solid in my perfect plans! Top tip: Take the cape off, you're not a superhuman, you are human. Lean into the vulnerability of not knowing exactly what it will look like, embrace the uncertainty and be real with your people. 

2) Trust the nudges. 
You know those things you are intrigued or excited by? Perhaps they seem a little random? They are not, please pay attention. For years I was obsessed with personal development and admired coaches. I thought this was really random and it definitely didn't fit anywhere into the corporate career path. But when I finally found the courage to tune in and trust, the game changed and I haven't looked back since.

3) Comparison is the thief of joy. 
You were put on this planet to live YOUR life, not anyone else's. You have unique gifts and abilities! Looking in other people's lane only robs you of your joy! Top Tip: Take yourself on a self-discovery process to reveal all the magic of YOU (check out the Untapped Series programme for more on this).

4) Live passionately. 
There a lot pressure to find your passion, as though this one magical thing will appear. If you feel overwhelmed by this, I encourage you to try 'living passionately'. Bring curiosity and excitement to all that you do and allow the passion to evolve.

5) Commit, decide and take action (with velocity) and the universe will respond. 
Not one foot in, one foot out. Not a yes, no, maybe, see how I go. There are seven days of the week and someday isn't one of them plus, indecision wastes waaaay too much energy. Commit, decide, take action!

6) You are your biggest asset and your biggest limitation.
Anything and everything you want in life is possible (I'm a firm believer in this) usually what actually stops us is our own limitations, fears and internal blocks. Invest in yourself to breakthrough these. This will be the biggest investment you ever make. 

7) Self care is not selfish.
It is a key component to being a better human with a bigger impact. You come first, world comes next. 

8) Abundance, joy and happiness are available at any given moment. 
Yup you can have allllll this right now, it's just a choice. Look up at the sky, count your blessings and feel complete gratitude for everything life has to give you. Top Tip: start a gratitude journal with three daily things you are grateful for. 

What if life was happening for us....and not to us? You know, what if underneath all that messy stuff is a golden nugget for your growth.

I hope my lessons to date inspire you and encourage you to find the golden nuggies in your life. 

With gratitude, 

Briony McKenzie