What I have learnt 1 year into business...

Here goes....

In a few weeks' time it will mark 1 year since I took the leap from corporate law. One of the most terrifying and liberating decisions I have ever made. 

Now, I'm not saying everyone needs to quit their job, but I am saying if you aren't happy or you're not where you want to be then it's time to make a change. I get change can be scary, so here are a few things that have made a difference on my journey. I have provided 1) the nugget 2) the story 3) some tangible actions

1) Get 100 percent responsible for every single result in your life. The moment you quit complaining and blaming and own everything in your life, you will experience your true personal power. For three years I went on and on about how I didn't enjoy my job and it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. Honestly, I must have been so painful to be around! But the truth was I wasn't willing to do anything about it and I certainly wasn't responsible for the fact that I was choosing it! 

 Take radical responsibility for your life - you either have a reason or a result!

  • quit complaining and blaming....today

  • declare "I am 100 percent responsible for every result in my life" start taking action - continue reading for inspiration....

2) You are your biggest investment. I 'wanted' my dream career. I 'wanted' a life of freedom and impact. I 'wanted' to wake up and live my purpose every day. But wanting something isn't enough. It wasn't until I started investing my pay cheque into personal development and coaches that the game began to change.

 You can't coach yourself. Getting a coach is not a sign of weakness or failure, it is a sign of your success and commitment to an epic life.

  • go to a workshop, seminar or conference specifically designed to help you grow and expand

  • get support - hire a coach, find a mentor

3) You are not defined by your current identity or past experiences. You are a badass infinite human being who's here to create! "But I'm a [lawyer/accountant] (fill in the blank), that's what I studied." Just because you made one potentially unconscious decision to study some degree because you were "good at english and history" does NOT mean this your destiny forever. We attach ourselves to past decisions and identities (lawyers, accountants etc) but I mean this when I say it, you are SO MUCH MORE than this. Sure, I was frickin terrified when I handed by my practising certificate as a lawyer - it was all I knew myself to be but it was the most liberating moment because I finally got to decide who I really wanted to be in the world. 

  • redefining yourself is a creative, generative act and takes deep self-belief 

  • get comfortable being uncomfortable - it's going to be a stretch

4) At some point you have to stop giving a shit about what other people think. Not in an obnoxious way, but worrying about what others think makes you small and inauthentic. The world needs your magic. It's time to start shining. I was so worried about what my work mates would think, what my Dad would think, what my old uni mates would think.....

It's none of your business what other people think of you.

  • expose one of your imperfections or weird obsessions/hobbies to someone today! 

  • have a daily dance party - let's get weird!

5) You will be paid for the value you bring to the world. Act accordingly. Post resigning, I meditated on the ground to financial abundance recordings for 3 days. It's absolutely terrifying not having a weekly pay cheque but you definitely discover what you are really capable of. You start to experience you are the creator. Money is just an energetic exchange - the more value you bring to the world, the more you will receive.  

  • brainstorm 5 ways you could bring more value to the world AND be paid for it

6) It all lies in the execution. Action action action. Spend a lot of time 'brainstorming' and writing ideas in your notebook? I'm a sucker for a whiteboard mind-map and before I launched Untapped I had hundreds of post-it notes on my wall. But at some point enough is enough and it's time to take it to the world. You will NEVER be 100 percent ready and if you are, you've waited too long.

Action is the only thing that shifts reality 

  • share your possible idea/vision with 2 people today

  • send one email to someone who is doing your dream business/job etc

7) You will never been 'fearless'. I used to think that feeling afraid was bad and wrong, now I have built a totally different relationship with fear. Do I still feel fear? Every damn day. But I know on the other side of my comfort zone is growth and new possibilities! 

 Feel the fear and do it anyway #stretch 

  • a stretch a day keeps the doctor away - talk to a random, apply for a job, tell a joke at work

8) Your health is your wealth. I love what I do, I'm not afraid of hard work and I'm a recovering perfectionist. An epic but dangerous concoction. Sooooo taking care of myself has been and continues to be an ongoing challenge and focus.

  • meditate, eat well, get sufficient sleep, exercise, drink water, take breaks, spend time in nature, laugh lots, you know the drill...

9) People are everything. I mean everything! When it came to launch time, it was the friend who liked every instagram post, the early adopters who believed in you and told their friends, the old colleague who shouted you a coffee (because they knew you must be broke AF), the person at the coffee machine who landed you you're first corporate gig. I never knew I was going to need all this support but I invested in the people around me and when the time came, they had my back. 

 He aha te mea nui o te ao
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

 Take these insights and actions into your life. Use them to build your vision and take action on the things that matter most to you.

Did something specific resonate? Drop a comment and let me know! 

Your biggest fan, 

Briony McKenzie